How to brew coffee outdoors

We've been itching to go out again. It is a time to return to simple pleasures like spending time in the woods, by the beach, or hike up a mountain. We'd go anywhere to have some nice bright time, and have a cup of good quality coffee. 

What do we bring?

When space and weight permits, bring your essentials with you to enjoy good coffee anytime on your trip. 

  • Kettle
  • Portable gas burner
  • Manual Grinder
  • Coffee Hunter Whole Coffee Beans
  • Water
  • Dripper or Press
  • Coffee cups 
  • Utility bag or basket to hold all of these in
  • A cookie would be nice to have with that coffee




Plan your space and the proper storage of flammable liquids you'd bring, manage your camp fire or stove, also putting it out safely. The great outdoor is full of natural gas that we don't always see or smell. Keep your fuel to your gear and you'd be fine. 

If that's a lot of gear to bring, you may always brew ahead and simply bring it in your thermal container and enjoy your beverage on the go. 



You're all set. Remember to see, smell, slurp! Enjoy your coffee, outdoors.