Meet Lucy Knots

In the twist and turn of knot tying, let Lucy show you the way.

Whether you are tying up boxes or rigging up a hammock, it's important to get those knots safe for use. Understanding where the rope goes and which end tightens, are all important. Once you have paid attention to simple elements of knot tying, it becomes more fun doing it. 

Let's get to know Lucy, shall we?



Think of Lucy as the rope with body parts. 

The one that runs, let's call that the RUNNING HEAD.

The one that stays, is the END TAIL

When you hold a rope and let it hang, that curve is called a BIGHT.

Put those curves together, and it's now a LOOP.

Those strands that meet is called an ELBOW


The running head either goes OVER, UNDER, or THROUGH


What shall we tie today? Let's follow Lucy, running in knots.